January 14, 2018


The New year has began on a slow start for me but overall I am happy to be here. I slacked in blogging late last year. Probably lost the mojo or something. I however will be blogging a lot more this year.  How is it that no one says resolutions anymore? Is it a taboo word or do we just have to use alternative words? Anyway,I  had a personal Q& A and come to a conclusion of things I want to do more this year.


This was a big challenge for me last year. I binged on so much cake that  I loathed myself at the end. I am happy to say I have only fallen into temptation once this year which is a low record for a person who can go through for counties to eat a slice of cake. Another thing I am doing is a lot of smoothies. I mix a bunch of veggies and fruits, blend and chug down. I also begin my day with a murky mix of wheatgrass powder, avocado seed power ( made this myself) and flaxseed. This does not mean that I will not indulge in the greasy, good, yummy stuff once in a while.


Last year I had a chance to visit Switzerland,  Italy and France . It was amazing. I also went down to Diani. This year I have no travel destination planned yet. I will go where Fernweh takes me.


I finally gained financial discipline you guys. In the past I would not plan or make budgets and I would buy anything as long as I had the money, whether I needed it or not did not matter. I was happy spending all and saving nothing. Towards the end of last year, I started a saving practice in a medium where withdrawing the money is not possible. I suddenly became allergic to spending money and I haven’t died yet.


In 2016 I almost had a six pack, in 2017 I lost my sixpack and I am super determined to get it back this year. I want to do a lot more workouts and short runs. I have abolished late nights for myself and I look forward to getting enough rest ( minus cell phones and internet). Also I have a plethora of health issues that I have to get sorted but somehow I never make time for the hospital.


I am already on a journey to self discovery and self love and I am totally loving it.  This is the year to be selfish with my time and to give back to my body.


I am going to make time raising my little girls. More than I have done in the past! I have no idea how this will go ( they are cute but they push me o the edge). My baby girl just joined class one and I am super excited for this journey, her sister is quite the story teller and when I listen to her she says the weirdest things. Like when she told me this morning ( Mama enda osha yogurt – Mama go wash the yoghurt) – What she meant was ” Go put the cold yoghurt in a tub of warm water to warm it up. Such innocence.


What things are you going to be doing this year?





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