December 2, 2017


Concours D’elegance is the place to be if you love cars, even if you don’t. If you are wondering what it is about, every year in Nairobi they hold a motor show dubbed concours d’elegance.  For some reason I always thought this event was invite only more like a private members only club. So just this year I discovered it is an event which you buy a ticket and just waltz in, just like any other event. So we  went to concours with friends and it was filled with fabulosity from both humans and the automobiles. Much to my surprise, there were machines from Uganda and other countries as well.

If you have never been to a motor show, here are a few pointers.
Comfortable shoes
There is a lot of walking and shoes that are comfortable will make your experience super easy. I went in heels, the terrain at Ngong Racecourse does not work  with high heels at all.
What To Wear
Opt for a dress, with a hat or fan or visor to keep the sun off. If it comes with side slits even worse. Carry sunscreen and whatever you do, do not wear a jumpsuit with side slits .
Arrive On Time
If you want to see all the automobiles before they start getting moved, arrive early. As the day winds, the crowd grows and then you will see more people than vehicles.
Have Enough Memory
There will be plenty of shots to capture and plenty of cars to pose next to so  make sure you have a camera or phone with enough memory.

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