November 12, 2017


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Hairitage festival, wonder what that is? Did you know that there are natural hair movements in Nairobi? And that the members of these movements champion for recognition and acceptance of black hair. I grow locs which are natural  as nature can get. So my locks, my friend and myself found ourselves at Hairitage Festival which happened on October 7th 2017 at Ngong’ Racecourse at The Curragh ( I have no idea how this word is pronounced even after my umpteenth visit to the place) . I really wanted to take my little girl and her big ass fro but we had just made her hair for school and there is no way we were going to fro it out before 3 weeks. This is how it went down:

Image by : Essar Yagomba Photography

All the amazing hair product vendors in Nairobi were there and The Curragh did not disappoint with their grilled chicken stand.

My locks are now five years old and they majorly thrive on neglect. However after this event I got to see different wonderful products that I can use on them. Even then there is an 85 percent chance that they will continue to grow wild and neglected. One thing I sure will not be doing is I will not be coloring them anymore, I have suffered severe hair breakage this year alone. Thanks to a few henna infusions I am getting back to my natural color soon. Do you grow your hair natural, what are your favorite hair products? Do you know how to correctly say Curragh?

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