October 16, 2017
Chevron is what most of us would call zigzag….I prefer chevron, sounds sophisticated,no? Also we (design people find it offensive when you use the wrong words to refer to our patterns and stuff) This pattern has been used in home decor for ages. It is an iconic pattern in interior design. I however, find it timeless. It was among 2014’s home decor trends. Trends die but style is eternal (I bet Yves Saint Laurent would say this about home decor as well), you can still rock this pattern in your home this year and several to come. Today’s post has snippets from the www showing how you can incorporate this look into your home. Also please don’t make everything chevron in one room, it doesn’t work like that…nah, nay,never!

Some bold accent chairs, we love this particular print… the combination of wood and fabric color is perfect and very chic!

Accent chair via saltyvolt.com

Or these wingbacks…

Chevron outback on wingback chairs via decorfix.com
Too scared to go all chevron with large furniture? How about you throw in a few decorative pillows on your couch or in the bedroom.
Assorted pillows via wanelo.com
Art is what you make it. This is a genius piece of art! Who would ever think wooden panels arranged in a herring bone pattern would make such a great piece?

If you feel more adventurous, go for a chevron print in your curtains and drapes or a shower curtain.

Two toned curtains via higherendcurtain.com
We also love this accent vase. It is such a gorgeous statement piece and if you live in Nairobi, you can get a replica from the pottery women on Ngong’ road.

Chevron can also find it’s way into the kitchen, like this glossy tile back-splash… a sneaky way to bring some zzzzing into the kitchen.
Tiled backsplash via decorpad.com
Chevron closet island counter-tops anyone?
Too scared to use chevron around you?…you also have the option to use it underneath your feet, this floor is immaculate!
Floor via conceptandcolorways.com


This  nursery is A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E! We love how the grey and pumpkin yellow work together to create a calm space for the little person.
Tired of the look on your furniture? Chevron it up in different colors and Voila!

Now find any of these and add some pizzzazzz to your space. For more unrelated home gudies, check:




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