August 15, 2017

Four poster beds date back to 14th and 15th century. Back then they were a sign of wealth and a stature of class to the few people that owned them. During that time, the masters slept in the same room with their servants ( how creepy is that?) so the canopies and drapes around the poster beds were to provide a certain degree of privacy.

Image: Celticcastles.com

The poster bed was made from chunky wood with plenty of ornately carved details in the wooden frame.It has since morphed into leaner frames made from metal, wood, stenciled metal, rope and bamboo. Four poster beds are great for rooms with plenty of natural light.

Image: Pinterest




Image: www.humideas.com




Do you love poster beds? Which one is your favorite?

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  1. The third one absolutely stole my heart! Oh my goodness it looks gorgeous & I usually don’t even like these kinds of beds 😀

  2. I had one as a teenager and in my first apartment. They make really good places to hang clothes. Lol. I tend to gravitate towards the modern ones (like the wooden one or black iron one)

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