August 8, 2017

Decorating ideas rub off on you anywhere. Do you ever visit a restaurant and the food and ambience still lingers in your mind 4 months later then you have to blog about it, nay? This was a restaurant in Geneva. We decided to walk into it after walking around in circles looking for an authentic French restaurant. When we decided to walk in and try it out we had given up on our search so this was a settle and sometimes the things you settle for are the best! Judging from the name we figured Italian but by this time we were hungry it did not matter one bit. The food was amazing (Beef lasagna with salad and pizza) but let’s talk about the decor and ambience now shall we.

Pasta Prima Restaurant Gare Cornavin, Geneva

Powder blue and Brown are actually really good friends. We love how airy and open this space feels. Blue is regarded a boring color but when used like this it creates a welcome anď chill-out-with-us vibe.

Tone down Your Floors

Image: Pinterest

When you use a brown as heavy as the lower half wall of this restaurant, you want to tone down your floor. Aim for a floor or rug that is a bit lighter than the brown to give the space an illusion of depth and to make it feel bigger.

Silver Accents

We love how the silver fits in seamlessly with these 2 colors. Different colors pair up differently with different metallic finishes. The blue and brown here are proof that silver is your go to metal. Infuse silver finishes in your home by using lampshades, light fixtures, metallic furniture, pillows  or art.

Pop Of Green

A pop of green will bring the nature inside. Add a plant real or faux  to your powder blue and chocolate themed space. You can either use potted plants as centerpieces, plants in print or art or an actual tree.

image: pinterest




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  1. I never really considered blue and brown! It’s one of those colors I never thought they would match and it actually works very well! Considering I’m doing renovations at home, definitely an option now 🙂

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