June 27, 2017

Masks have so many uses for different communities all over the world. However we are interested only in the ones that can turn your home into a historic gallery of sorts. Where I live masks are very readily available and so they loose that exoticness for me. Of course until I stumbled on these gorgeous rooms that got masked up so beautifully. Whether your space is contemporary, hollywood regency, minimalist or mid century modern, a mask can be a great addition to your space. If masks don’t creep you out, you can use them around your home like this:




Turn your entry into a walk in museum with a display of your favorite masks. You can hang them above a console or do a gallery wall on the entire wall.

Blow Out

blow out the entire wall via houzz.com

A blow out of all the masks you have ever collected makes a statement on the walls of  this open floor living room.

Wall Niches

Masks in wall niches glubdubs.com

Fill your wall niches with a minimal display of masks. You can play around with sizes and dimensions here to create a gorgeous display.

mask pillows via Aliexpress.com

Mask pillows are also available for just a hint of ethnicity. I think I would pick an actual mask over these.

Above A Console Table

Mask above a console table via wayfair.com 

Another great spot for masks is on  the space above a console table. You can do a few masks, one big mask or a collection of smaller masks.

Golden masks

Gold masks via alicdn.com

These are my favorite way to do masks because gold is life. What do you guys think?









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