June 15, 2017

Travel decor is dear to my heart. I travel to see beautiful spaces before I enjoy the beautiful places. Backpacking through 3 countries in Europe in April saw me go to Geneva and Paris. The last stop was Milan, Italy- a country I fell hard for. The food, the sites,the culture, the language, the people! I want to go back again!

We booked an Airbnb in Cimiano,Milan. It was a quaint little 2 bedroom apartment that fused a minimalist modern look with contemporary hints. I loved the centerpieces in this apartment so much. So here goes the vacation rental tour.

The Entry

On opening the door, this was the sight that welcomed us . Lovely accent table with a gorgeous centerpiece  from stone and sand with flowers.

The Open Floor Living,Dining & Kitchen Area


Since I am into contemporary and modern stuff, I found this area ordinary. The contemporary modern look was just what we needed after Paris. The furniture was very IKEA, clean lines, minimalism,inexpensive perfection.  I loved the iron and glass coffee table and the amount of sun we got into the room was refreshing.

One wall had 3 shadow boxes filled with sea shells


The host’s wecome to Italy house gift

The Bedrooms

The bedrooms here were airy and minimally furnished with fantastic closets that made me want to stay long enough to lay out my clothes.


Separate your rooms with IKEA expedit shelving
Wall ledges with budhaa art

Then The Bathroom Happened

This was bliss you guys,also it was as big as the living,dining and kitchen combined. I spent ages in the hot tub and in the shower with 6 shower outlets. I sipped wine  in the hot tub till I felt dizzy and I had to remind myself that drinking in hot tubs is not good for my life!

Hot tub plus wine
An old world table in the bathroom

Thank you for stopping by. Do you book your vacation rentals on Airbnb? Are they always gorgeous or nah?

Love &Light,





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  1. Just wow! Look at these……I find it really hard to get the word that surpasses ‘beautiful’. I’m going to visit Europe someday…….keep them coming and keep having fun, beautiful xx

    1. Thank you Victoria. I kept my word on not leaving you behind…we are going to go together. Staying put in Kenya till then.

  2. I keep hearing horror stories about air bnb so it’s really nice to hear positive stories! That apartment looks lush and giiirrlll that tub!! I would dive in straight away with some candles and a glass of wine! 🙂 Happy to hear you had fun x

    1. The tub Sofia. I still dream about it. I have had Airbnb in Africa and Europe and they are all positive reviews.

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