June 12, 2017

Morocco is a country I long to go to. I want to experience the rich culture, the food ( chicken tagine anyone?) , unlimited supply of Argan oil, but more than everything else I would love to soak myself  in Moroccan decór. Not to  forget the handmade, luxurious rugs. So many beautiful things to say about Moroccan interiors. For a country that was inhabited by the French, Berbers, Arabs and Spanish there is a bit of everything going on in Moroccan interiors and the result is homes rich in warmth. If you would like to have a bit of this in your home, here’s just how to do it. You can check other globally inspired travel decor posts in Paris and in Diani

Trellis Pattern

image credit:decoist

Bring in the trellis pattern in any color and form. Whether it’s in reupholstery fabric, pillows or rugs, the trellis pattern is a hallmark in Morrocan décor.

Image: decorpad


lmage: lushome

To pull off this theme, lanterns are a must. Switch your regular light fixtures with lanterns. There are millions of lantern designs to choose from. Lanterns add mystery and a moody vibe to your evenings. If you don’t fancy an overhead lantern, we recommend the ones that sit on table tops.


image credits: Pinterest

Poufs do what decorative pillows would do, only they stay on the floor. A couple of poufs in different colors, fabric and texture. These are handy for family time, game nights or a night in with company.

Color & Texture

Texture dominates Moroccan themes. You want to look out for leather, pleather, mohair, silk and wool to fuse into your theme. The more color you pack get in accessories the more points you get.

Hang Up A Rug

Image: Decoist

There is no such thing as too many rugs. Whenever you have an extra rug ask yourself, WWAMD(What would a Morrocan do?) You guessed right-hang it on the wall as rug art. Genius! Thank you for stopping by. What is your best feature of Morrocan design?




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  1. Interesting post. I’m personally more into scandinavian simplicity but Moroccan interiors sure are beautiful. I love how they use plenty of colors and make them look beautiful together. I’m decorating more like white+grey+maybe 1-2 accent colors. Haha.

  2. Genuinely surprised at how much I loved the Morrocan styling – especially the wall hanging. Absolutely fantastic. Thank you for inspiring me 🙂

  3. I love the Moroccan style as well! 🙂 I just love the patterns and vivid colors the style is open to – definitely on my travel wish list for the future.

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  6. Hello,I think the whole decor style is so airy and light and reflects the hot environment it originates from and attempts to keep you cool and comfortable.

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