May 24, 2017

French food – you can never go wrong with French food. From French onion soup, des escargots, duck in all forms, croissants and the over 1000 different pastries. French cuisine is everything!

So while backpacking on a budget, here’s a few delicacies I tried out and would highly recommend. We did not do any gourmet or over the top restaurants. No snails either. I would eat snails only if nobody aforementioned it. That being said I am yet to taste snails a.k.a escargots.

Where:Paris Street Food

French street food

Street food vendors will offer you crêpes both sweet and savory. Here you can also find macaroons,waffles, croissants and beignets. I had a sweet crêpe with nutella and coconut, I watched the whole process of making one as well. For some reason that video will not upload.

French Crêpes

Where:La Confidante

What: Pave de Rumsteak 

This is a quaint little restaurant on 125 Avenue Gambetta which was very close to our Airbnb. The decor is so good it is almost impossible to focus on the food. The ambience was a 10/10. A brick wall wainscotted with an imitation of a wine cellar. Dark stained wood with pops of burgundy and forest blue fabric. The food was amazing as well. The fish was served in a butter sauce that I am hoping to replicate at home someday soon. We noticed some menus are not translated in English and trying to pick what to eat is like reading a Shakespearean play.

French restaurant- La Confidante

Where: Les Relais d’Alsace – Taverne Karlsbrau

What: Duck à l’orange du miel

The food here was amazing. This restaurant is just behind Gare du Lyon train station.  It’s a casual set up with amazing service and perfect banquet seating for large groups. I particularly loved my duck a l’orange du miel (duck in orange and honey sauce). They also have the best cocktails. There goes my food experience in Paris. For more on the Paris series check out:

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  1. The food looks absolutely delicious! I’m a huge fan of fish with butter sauce, so that looks amazing. Hopefully I can travel to France one day.

  2. Mmmhhh I want food now 😋😋 well written and thanks for the tips, I’m sure they will come in handy soon.

  3. Having been to Paris I undderstand only too well about what a budget buster this city can be. Top post with helpful suggestions, thanks for sharing them. And you’re right, French food is pretty damn tasty!

    1. I was scared to try the entrecote, I have seen the word before but I don’t know what it means. Food is life!

  4. I must admit, French food is one of my favorite cuisines. Grilled duck with mashed potatoes and sauce? mmm… and you’re right about the fish in butter sauce… you should try the sails, and the mussels and scallops. They are really good…oh and the wine….oolala! okay, I better rein in my love for good food. lol 🙂

    1. You definitely love your food Mercy. Mussels, snails are on my list of things to try next time I find them in a menu.

  5. Never been to Paris in my life! I have heard so many incredible things especially about the food, this makes me want to visit even more!!!
    Thanks for the awesome ideas

  6. Oh, I miss Paris so bad! That definitely is one of the most delicious cities in Europe. Luckily I’m going back this summer. I cannot wait to eat their quiche Lorraine, delicious fresh baguettes and real macarons. Yum!

  7. Paris so many great restaurants and bakeries – I have never had a bad meal in Paris, or anywhere in France… looks like you guys had an amazing time!

  8. The food here does look absolutely incredible. I am sure that I would love some good food here and that’s great you are helping people on budgets. I do find it interesting that street vendors in France to crepes. I have seen one place do it out here but it’s unusual.

  9. I have a list of must do in Paris, so this comes in handy, and those pictures and presentation have me craving (like can I just go tomorrow) Ha!

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