May 18, 2017

Dining areas: Hey good peoples. Let’s talk design today, shall we? I will take you through the making of a dining room. I grew up without a dining area. We would eat in our living room. Some of my clients at work have also confided to me that we would be making what would be their very first dining set ever. I love how people get excited at the thought of eating on a table as opposed to eating on  a couch – adult stuff. Fact -I still eat on the couch.

Before – playroom

So here’s  how I turned my dining area into a real dining area (yeah I just did that, again) The space was initially a playroom, I thought my baby would need a play area more than a table to eat from.  It had a rubber mat and a spring mattress which we would bounce and jump on like a trampoline. However as she grew, my white curtains got food stains. Alas birth of the table! (The space is small so I only managed to get sectional shots)

Find The Right Dining Table

The right table for your space should be one that works with your theme. If your dining area is small, do not go for a huge table. You can also get one of those tables that expand and collapse on command. I got this table, the 2 upholstered chairs and the wall ledges and letters custom made from Dassa by Design. I have mentioned here before, Dassa by Design is a custom made furniture and interior design company I run. We made it from  a shipping palette and 4 extra pieces of wood. We then clear varnished it and let it season for a few months. There is a way white wood turns golden with age.

Open floating shelves


You can decide to leave your floors bare or to cover them up with a sectional rug. We redid the floors here. The new floor is laminates from Pergo Kenya. I initially wanted all white floors like a Scandinavian apartment. This floor was the closest I could get to something light. I instantly loved it.

Paint The Walls

Gallery wall on another side

The next step is the walls. You can go with neutral colors or appetizing colors like orange or yummy greens. I like to think any color would rock in any room depending on how you work around it.  It took me 3 weeks to paint these walls. I would work during the day and paint at night. I saved KES 25,000/= (about $250) in labour. I went with neutral from Duracoat Paints.

Gallery wall
Gallery wall


Windows & Pendant Lighting

Find a way to make your windows stand out. Whether it is by a gorgeous curtain or blinds, electrifying sheers. Find something. I changed the window by framing it to look like an opaque picture. The frame is also custom made from Dassa by Design. We drilled it into the walls and it fit perfectly. One the 4th wall of the room is a floating console which can be used as a buffet of sorts and for displaying collectibles.   The diamond pendant light crowns the room so beautifully.

There you have it, that is how you create a dining space. Are you having any design dilemmas  you would love to be dissected? Let me know in the comments.
Love &Light,


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  1. Brilliant idea! I love that name ‘Dassa by Design’ and what you do is just beautiful; I’m loving the walls and the pendant lightning…just wow 😮 …..well done, beautiful.

    1. Thank you Victoria. The pendant lighting is my fave too. Dassa is derived from my baby girl’s middle name, Hadassa.

  2. Love the window frames..you really birthed a lovely space..welldone…love the colour of the play area too…hopefully your daughter gets accustomed to change..I still spot a toy by the side in one of the pictures

  3. I grew up eating in the kitchen and as adult I love to eat on the sofa. 🙂
    I was impressed how you managed to transform a relative small place into an amazing dining area that looks much bigger. I guess the huge mirror and the pendant lighting do the magic.

    1. I love my meals on the sofa too. The mirror, the unobstructed light from the window and the lighter floor all do the magic. Also the glass table top gives a barely there illusion.

  4. Wow! This is amazing. Who would have thought such a small space would fit such a beautiful work of art? I love the combination of colours, they bring out a great energy and aura to anyone who sees it. Quite beautiful Itch, I am inspired.

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