May 13, 2017

Parisian affairs. So just after leaving Geneva, which I did not find as up beat as I had expected. Although why had I expected New York craziness in Geneva? I digress…. after Geneva, Paris happened. I will do a short post of my journey from Geneva to Paris soon. I am itching to talk about the city of lights and love. So when in Paris, what to do? We had little time to explore this beautiful city and so for the 3 days we experienced Paris only in the afternoons. PS: It was chilly, about 17 degrees and I am from the tropics so that kind of weather can freeze my blood. I waited till it was warm enough so I could hop out (read 3 P.M)

Places To Go

There are too many to go in a month. If you do not speak French, I recommend you do an open top site seeing tour which we opted not to do because we felt our rusty French was enough to get us around…bad idea…terrible idea. Wait until you don’t remember how to say “seventy one” en français when asking for a bus route number.

Short List Of Possible Places To Go:

  • Notre Dame Cathedral
  • Musée d’Orsay
  • Eiffel  Tower
  • Musée  De Louvre
  • Champs  Elysees
  • L’Arc De  Triomphe
  • Roue De Paris
  • Seine River
  • Jardins des Luxembourg
  • Il-de-la-Cité
I was lost then I stumbled into this street
I was lost then I stumbled onto this street
























Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel  was the first on my list because it is all I ever think off when I think of Paris. It was the first site we went to but when I saw it I felt like my mission in Paris was accomplished. There is a swanky restaurant on second floor that is on my to do list for a dinner.

L’Arc De Triomphe

L'Arc de triomphe
L’Arc de Triomphe

L’Arc de Triomphe is on the Western side. of Champs Elysees . The L’Arc was commissioned by Napoleon to honor the French Army. To get here by train, alight at the Place Charles de Gaulle train stop. We rode the subway from Gare du Lyon to Place Charles de Gaulle.

Walk Down Champs Elysees

Champs Elysees is the most beautiful street in the world. What with the Arc de Triomphe and the Grand Roue de Paris flanked on either end of the street. If you want to shop, there are lots of shops on the street. You can also grab bites or do happy hours on restaurants along the street.

The Grand Roue De Paris

The Grande Roue de Paris
The Grande Roue de Paris

I rode the wheel, and it was magical! I later learnt that the wheel is actually portable. Trés incroyable! I think being here as the evening rolls into the night is way better than a day time visit. The wheel lights up the sky at night. You can ride the wheel, a ride takes about 8 minutes. The view of Paris from the wheel is out of this world.

Police responding to terror attack
Police responding to terror attack


Place de Concorde
Place de Concorde

Unfortunately on this day there was a terror scare in the subway  at L’Arc de Triomphe so the roads had to be closed as they managed the situation.

The Seine River 

Seine River
Seine River

The Seine River cuts through Paris in which it has 37 bridges. You can ride a batobus and enjoy seeing the monuments from the river. The Eiffel, Notre Dame Cathedral and Il-de-la-Cité are all accessible from the river. You can also stop at the Musée Louvre or  stroll in the parks along the river.

Where To Eat

We had Chinese takeout on the day we arrived. We were too beat up to go out. On other days we made brunch and ate on the go. We lived on one of those long French breads for 3 days!! At Gare du Lyon you can check out Les Relais d’Alsace – Taverne Karlsbraü their duck à ľorange du miel comes highly recommended. Everything we ate had butter. We also tried out a Café opposite 88 Pelleport street right outside our apartment. The interior turned out to be surprisingly good. I looked  all over for L’As du fallafel after reading reviews about it on several sites but I just couldn’t find it.  You have got to try street crepes and macaroons as well. Boulangeries et Patisseries litter Paris streets and the smell of freshly baked bread beckons you. You can also make reservations to that swanky restaurant on Eiffel tower.

View from top of the Roue de Paris
View from top of the Roue de Paris

 How To Get  By

You can use the bus or train  ( we recommend  you buy an all day pass which will save you tonnes of money). You can use a cab. We only did this twice at night. Cabs in Paris are half the cost of Cabs in Geneva for twice the distance. You can also do the open top site seeing it will save you lots of time and you will learn so much history about the city through the recorded voice thing. Also you can do a Paris tour by the batobus system on river Seine. Hop off at any attraction that you wish to explore.

Next on my Paris list:

…………………..Visit in summer

…………………………..Explore Paris by night, I could have this time but the cold yo!

There goes my Paris City guide. What did you do in Paris.



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  1. Paris can be delightful, especially the night life. I really enjoy the night time jam sessions at some of the bars.

    1. I really want to experience the nightlife. It was freezing cold and finding my way around wasn’t easy either.

  2. I have lived in Paris for seven years when I was a kid and occasionnally come back but I never saw it through a tourist lenses if you know what I mean. So if someone would ask me where to go I’d have no idea. Which is why this post is great. Coz when i go back in paris, i’ll know where to go and will be able to recommend places! xx corinne

    1. Thank you Corinne. I feel the same about my hometown Nairobi. When I lived in Washington D.C I never did any touristy stuff,I guess we get familiar with a place it loses exotic(ness)

  3. Lovely post! I love your list of must goes. I was in Paris 2015 and visited most of those places. I’ll be going again this summer and this post was great for getting to the holiday planning mood! Thank you 🙂

  4. These are lovely suggestions…everyone who has visited always have nice things to say…it looked really beautiful towards evening too..the lights and all….means the night life will be a worthy experience…you have too much fun yo!… I like!!!

    1. Yes Faith I look forward to an awesome night experience. I would recommend the same to anyone, don’t skip seeing the city at night.

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