May 2, 2017

Oasis is not only a refreshing zone in a desert. You can also create a back or front yard oasis in your home. Outdoor areas are cool hangouts for breakfast, book reading, an afternoon nap or a dinner away from the dining table. If you are looking for ways to spice up your outdoor area here are a few cool outdoor inspiration for all types of outdoor area.

Apartment Balcony


Photo credits: google images

Confined to the concrete jungle of apartments? Bring that sense of the outdoor with potted plants, a few decorative pieces and furniture that will fit your balcony without a hustle. You can also add a barbecue grill for nights when you are entertaining.



Via: Endearing Florida Designs

If your home has a patio with a pool right next to it, get pieces that can endure frequent wetness. Snag a few lounge chairs  for soaking in the sun after a soak in the pool.

Front Porch

Via Pinterest

Front porches are not as common in modern day architecture but they still stand in older houses. Turn your porch into a livable space by bringing indoor stuff outdoor. For instance bring your lamps out to create a moody and lived in atmosphere at dusk.

 Minimalist Contemporary Patio

Image via:  www.casaycasa.co

There is a thin line between clutter and collectibles. If you are from the less is more school of thought, how about a table with chairs and nothing else?


photo credits: via Pinterest

Courtyards are inspired by Spanish,Moroccan and Arabic architecture. Courtyards were mainly for afternoon tea and gossip. You can either pave the ground in your courtyard or grow lush green grass.

Extended Sheds

Photo Credits: via Houzz

This is my favorite shed from all these. I love the wooden shed and the mix of all natural elements: the wood, stone, metal and the fire that comes up in the evening.

What kind of outdoor plan is your fave?

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  1. The only single outdoor space that needs arrangement is my balcony (which actually is closed with windows), so I’ll pick the first one.
    But google images is simply a search result for images. It does NOT give you the right to use those images without permission because Google does not own the images.

    1. The first one works for windows. If you give credit to Googlecan you still can you still use the images?

  2. Love, love, love! With summer approaching I definitely want to revamp my outdoor seating. I love the use of potted plants on a balcony. Make your own mini jungle.

    1. Ah I feel you on kids eating flowers.If they are smaller kids you can do gardens that hang high up from mid wall upwards.

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