April 28, 2017


Last 3 weeks

Week by week

About last week is a new thing I am starting to share ways to make your weeks as terrific as possible. If you read my about page you will find that I started this blog as an escape from my work, home, sleep – repeat life. I realize I am falling off track with this lifestyle 360 thingamajig like for instance the last 3 weeks were crazy busy that I never got a chance to do anything else except work, home, sleep-repeat…except I went backpacking in some wonderful places which i will post about after I get through the 3000 photos. So anyway about the last 3 weeks this is what I did:

..finalized on a work project. If you are looking for a house to buy in Nairobi, head down to Crystal Rivers to see the amazing show house that we staged.

…then stumbled on videos of Joanna Enough a.k.a Monkey Jo…she is this Swedish dance hall queen and I love this baby bump dance video, aren’t they the cutest couple ever?  I can’t get over them also this reminds me I need some dance therapy. Another video of them 

…. went backpacking: flying, riding trains, taking bus rides, eating on the go and seeing amazing sites.

…one more time I fell in love with Lyra Aoko’s blog , she is a Kenyan lifestyle blogger and her photography is beyond mind-blowing!

….I wrote about staying in this little Paris apartment it was the cutest place I have been in ever….also I spoke the most French I have in a long time.

…..I ate lasagna ( for the first time – yaaay no more staring at a menu for 20 minutes only to order French fries) , ate lots of refined wheat- there was some sort of bread every time I blinked, drowned in chocolate and had a real crepe.


…..I got this nail color that changes color by the minute. They turn deep angry purple when it’s cold and a warm pastel pink when warm. Sometimes they even have 2 shades.

Photo Credit: Google Images

….grabbed this jar of night cream from The Body Shop but I am not asleep by 1 A.M so I wonder if I will ever see results. Have I mentioned that I love The Body Shop products after reading the owner Anita Roddick’s narration in her book Body & Soul about how she started her business mixing oils and scents? It is a wonderful book I would recommend to anyone looking to grow their business from scratch.

….finally made something to eat (err poured myself juice to drink, sat down and finished it) You know how I love to eat, know how to cook, hate spending money in restaurants and equally hate to cook. Yes I am that kind of paradoxical foodie.

I am looking forward to much more amazing stuff this coming week plus some workouts ( I haven’t done these in ages). Thank you for reading. In what wonderful ways have you lived these past weeks?

Love & Light,













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  1. I love that nail color. Ah! You gotta take me with you next time…’re restricted from going anywhere without me! Hey, keep having a blast; you deserve more. Well done xx

  2. Nice read. Are you still in Paris? I am here. I used to be a big fan of bodyshop, dont know why I stopped being such a huge fan. We could meet for a coffee or tea. or a macaroon 🙂

    1. No I am not now, I left a week ago. Bummer. It would have been lovely to meet you. I’m back in Kenya. I am loving my first body shop products. IF they work I will stick with them for a while.

    1. This was actually about the last 3 weeks but it was packed nonetheless. I will do bi-weekly posts instead of weekly ones.

  3. Hey life of a blogger huh? Always super busy and with a million photos to sort 🙂 Hope you get some time to relax! And touch up that manicure 😉
    XO Miss Portmanteau

    1. Haha photos are yet to be sorted and the manicure i will wait till it grows off -tomboy problems My current problem is the blog won’t upload any more photos. Working on that.

    1. Yes it was. The nail polish is an Imber of sorts. It changes all shades between pale pink and dark purple.

    2. Yes it was. The nail polish is an ombre of sorts. It changes all shades between pale pink and dark purple.

  4. I really like the nails. Especially the combo of pink and purple together. I just received some body shop products too. Lovely to enjoy this brand. It’s such a good one. Seems like you had a lot of good things the last couple of weeks 🙂

  5. Oh, so you’ve been in Paris without me…hmmm…:))
    Next time let me know, I want to visit Paris too some day (I was hoping I could do this on May, but looks like it’s not going to happen) and maybe we;ll have a bloggers meeting.
    Love the nail color, of course. Have a great week!

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