April 21, 2017
Paris is always a good idea and Parisian decor an even better idea. I recently visited Paris and fell in love with the city of love. The architecture-archaic historic Old World buildings ( I love using the term “Old World” a lot, like a whole lot). Everything about Parisian architecture blows you away! The tall windows, the rickety wooden floors, the ornately detailed ceilings, parquet flooring, huge entry doors, wainscotting ( the modern contemporalist in me fell in love with wainscotting!Ha! You can check out a previous beach house travel decor post in Diani Kenya
The apartment we stayed in was in Rue de Pelleport-Gambetta in the 20th Arrondissement. My rusty French which I haven’t spoken in ages came out to play and turns out, mon français est tres bon (my french is super). I digress, here’s the apartment.  I loved every single detail about it. It was tiny and cute yet still unisex, unlike most uber-chic Parisian homes. The owner has decorated with lots of mirrors and contemporary furniture and several well-curated decor pieces punctuated with lots of artistic bareback photography. The thought that this building could be well over a few centuries old was thrill enough!
The living room was minimally furnished with lots of collectibles. Don’t you love how that table serves its purpose without actually eating up space?
on one end of the living room was a black lacquered table with foldable chairs, a genius way to squeeze a dining area into a small living room.
This industrial style coffee table that I am still dreaming about. The living room had lots of lamps for lighting to compensate for the lack of task lights in the living room.
The hallway that had a statement of its own and barely there closets that were decorated with small square mirrors. On the walls hung black and white photography of bare backs.
This art by the entry next to a bookshelf gave the otherwise redundant space some oomph.
The kitchen was the smallest and most organized one I have ever seen. It reminded me of Julia Child’s kitchen at the Smithsonian Museum. Why do we need big kitchens again?
 It even had a backsplash! A really cool wallpaper on one of the walls.
I wanted to eat out of every single plate and bowl here.
With a bedroom designed to forget all your thoughts and dream away.
back art
This fireplace
Bamboo sticks decor
teeny weeny teapots
Thank you for stopping by. What’s your favorite thing about Parisian decor?
Love & Light,

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  1. As someone who loves period features I have to say that I am absolutely in love with that fireplace! An exquisite piece of art. Absolutely amazing! Love, love, love!!!

    1. Yes they are. The shoe racks carried 4 pairs of shoes or more in each sliding drawer thing yet could pass off as a console of sorts when shut. The lighting and table were all IKEA,

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