April 11, 2017

Eight things to do in a coastal town with swimming not on the list, anyone? We went to Diani a  while ago with EveJ. This was a random out of the blues trip. Diani is amazing with beautiful white sand, clear skies and the gorgeous Indian ocean. Check out a pictorial post Diani here. Here goes 8 things to do in this beautiful Kenyan coastal town.

Live In A Beach House:

We stayed by the beach in a beautiful beach house about 10 minutes from the town and a 20 minutes from Ukunda airstrip and right on the beach.

Ride A Camel

 If you are riding a camel for the first time like I was. This can be scary. Camels are not crazy animals though, the ride should be smooth and you can ask the camel guide to stop when you have had enough.

Soak In Some Vitamin Sea

Splash in the water, splashing is fun too. The Indian Ocean is salty, your skin might have an itch but ocean water is generally good for skin.

Go On A Boat Ride

Boat rides calm your soul. There are dhows and speed boats. If you cannot swim, you will be terrified but it gets better after a few minutes. Also the boat guys are very friendly and they will reassure you that if anything happens they will rescue you in a jiffy.

Eat In A Cave

Yes we said cave. Ali Barbour’s cave to be precise. To dine at Ali Barbour’s you make a reservation ahead of time. They have  a free pick up  and drop off service. Their kitchen closes at 10 p.m Getting chauffered after a great meal in a cave is how to live life!

Dine By The Ocean

On one of the nights a friend hosted us to dinner  by the beach at  Diani Blue Restaurant. The moon was out, the sky was dark and the ocean breeze whispered quietly as we chowed down seafood.  We recommend this place for an early breakfast

Make Your Own Meals 

I know people do RnR on vacation but just how fun is it to make a meal in a new place? Living in a vacation house gives you options to cook whenever you want to. On other days and nights and for  breakfast we made our own food and gulped wine. We made this tumbukiza. A throw down of onions,tomatoes, herbs, spices with meat all boiled then simmered slowly till the meat falls off the bone.

Go Dancing

We went dancing at Disco Shakatak. You can also go to Tandoori.

Having explored Diani twice on a budget I would like to have a luxury experience the next time. I am eyeing:

A stay at the Sands at The Sands At Nomad or The Almanara The Almanara Resort  ( this is where some world class soccer stars stay, not that I love soccer or I would lose my mind if I saw one of the said stars)


Kite surfing…

Swimming with dolphins..

Diani airspace tour….

Thank you for reading. Have you been to Diani yet?



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  1. Oh wow, I love the idea of eating in a cave! That I think is my favourite part of this post and you have come up with some really creative ideas! Loved reading it!

    1. Yea do check out the link attached to the cave website. It is awesome. It’s a coral reef cave with a natural open hole above sort of like a prehistoric skylight.

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