April 9, 2017

Long before I thought I would want to blog, New York happened. It also happened to be my most favorite place in the world from then. Every time I go to New York is amazing. New Yorkers are life ! The  tall buildings, Old World Charm, subways  and bridges leave you in awe! Here’s a New York travel guide for any first timer.

Where To Stay

This depends on your budget and travel goals. You can stay at a swanky hotel like the Waldorf Astoria or a budget hotel ( just choose the non-smoking room if you do not smoke because last time I almost died). Book your room on sites like expedia or  orbitz On two times I stayed at friend which I would not recommend anyone on a short trip to do. Friends tend to think you are there to visit and hang out with them which in turn eats into your site seeing time. On two times I secretly stayed at a hotel and hoped that I don’t bump into said friends. Accomodation can be hard to get in New York, you can opt to stay in New Jersey and cross over into New York which is a short drive through a tunnel that goes through the Hudson River.

Driving through tunnel under Hudson River


New Jersey into New York

Things To Do

New York Stock Exchange

Visit Wall Street, because money moves here. This street is full of suits and ties which is not the norm with New Yorkers.

Statue Of Liberty

Take a boat ride to the Statue of Liberty. The statue is a symbol of liberty and a hope for immigrants arriving into the US. This is almost a full day trip.



Statue of Statue of Liberty at Apple Bee’s Restaurant in Times Square

Get an up close glimpse of the famous New Yorker.

Catch the sun setting on the Hell’s Gate Bridge

Hell’s Gate Bridge

Or ride or walk on the Brooklyn Bridge….

Brooklyn Bridge

Ride in a New York Yellow Cab, if there is anything New York is famous for it’s the yellow cabs.

Visit Madison Square Garden

Or take a walk through Central Park, I have wandered aimlessly at Central Park and the Park doesn’t end. I walked till my feet hurt. Then as I was coming almost to the end I saw people doing horse rides so I guess instead of a long walk you can ride a horse in a carriage in Central Park.

Photo Credit: Google Image

You can also visit the Ripley’s Auditorium,

You can also visit the historic skyscrapper buildings, watch out for a future post on that as well as weird things to do in New York.

What To Eat

New York has street food in every corner, mostly hotdogs, chilli dogs and meat skewers.You can also pop into any of the eateries and restaurants or at a pizza shop ( you know they say New Yorkers make the best pizza but then the Chicago people disagree) also lots of fast food joints to eat on the go. for fancier restaurants use a trip guide or go online.Usually I find that there is so much to do that sitting down to eat is not a priority.

How To Get Around

The five boroughs or districts of New York are interconnected by bridges, underground Subway trains and tunnel roads. You have to ride on the Subway for the full New York experience. You can also hail a yellow taxi and sit in traffic. Who wants that?

Thanks for reading. What’s your favorite thing about New York?

Love& Light,


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  1. Ive been to New York several times but Ive never been to the Statue of Liberty. I hope to go there someday. These are really great tips esp for first timers.

  2. NY is on the top of my wish list and is likely that I will be spending Christmas this year there 🙂
    It has to be so amazing!!

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