April 9, 2017

Living rooms in black are feared by most, loved by others and received with iffyness by some. Black can be too harsh a color and that is the reason one in 1000 people will never consider painting any wall black. Also black sucks in light so rooms with black tend to give off a moody, mysterious and somewhat seductive vibe. The interwebs do not fail when it comes to inspiration on how to get that black inspired living room.

Black, White & Red

This living room breaks the black walls with contemporary ash grey couch and satin red curtains. The animal print rug adds drama to the space.

Credits: Decoholic.com

Black Feature Wall

This room benefits from large windows as well as skylights. A black feature wall amid white walls and high ceilings adds visual interest to the space.

Credits: cdn-homedesigning.com


Black & Yellow

We are really hearting this black and yellow living room. The white mantle, yellow Victorian couch and mid century accents give these black walls an airy feel.

Credits: Google Images

A  Splash Of Gold

The splash of gold wall paper in this room is breathes life into the mysterious black and grey theme.



A Strip Of Black

Do you feel intimidated going all black? You could try a strip of black on a section of your wall. Also our totally gorgeous IKEA rug shows up in this space.

Credits: Google images

Black With Neutrals

If I went black, I would go like this. The black furniture and curtains complement the graystone walls in this room.



All Black

If you are going to go all black, layer different intensities of black. Also pair metallic blacks with matte wall colors and different textures of fabric. This black room looks like a man cave of sorts or a room where mysterious deals are struck.

Credits: Google Images



The key is in balance, this room balances the white wainscotting with a black top half paint on the walls and a white sectional rug. The huge windows bring in light and the pillows in pink and chevron make the space pretty and playful.




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  1. This one looks out of the box..i knew black always goes well with Red, it’s going really well with the interiors & along with other bright ones too..good to know..

  2. Thank you for the beautiful photos!
    I grew up in a black and tan living room, reading books and watching TV, so I am one of those that like the concept.

  3. There is always a place for black as long as you use it properly. I think totally black walls would be horrible but using it in certain places can make other colours pop.

  4. Personally. I love the splash of gold.
    Your post will definitely influence my decision on my home later; thx so much.

  5. Beautiful photos! Makes me want to do a home makeover now. I like the splash of gold and the strip of black. I like black especially for couch, shelves, but not walls.

    1. Yes black and gold are a pair made in heaven. I don’t like black I am more into greys but I would try a black wall. Black furniture adds a statement in any space.

  6. I like the one where you said its your personal preference with muted grey and black with white. I love the white and shades of grey touch much more than just white and black. But I do like the white, black and yellow one too here. Unusual and pleasing.

  7. In my crazy teenage years I had tried black, white and silver in my bedroom. When I went back to that room after my studies, I swore I would never paint black – any wall, ever again! That black and yellow living room though…. it got me thinking! :* Keep it up 🙂 Very inspiring

  8. I love black in the living room, maybe not walls but furniture. I had black couch that I really loved, but I went for dark brown for a change. Will definitely do black again some day. Lovely photos and post.

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