April 9, 2017

Adventures of Zanzibar continue….

Stonetown is an Old Arab town in Zanzibar. The view of Stonetown from Dar es Salam across the Indian ocean is out of this world! We only had about 1.5 hours to go round this old world town. The humidity was on another level.  Here is a snippet of Stonetown town in pictures: 

The old fort:

Street in Stonetown lined with hotels.

This building with every floor in Swahili was awesome.

Selfies in Stonetown 😍😍

The door on this shop blew me away, I love art. This door in a chevron print is life!

Narrow alley shops reminded me of Sex and the City  when the girls went shopping in Saudi Arabia . Also a bit like the souk markets in Marrakech, both in my bucketlist.

I will do another post on some other parts of Stonetown. Thank you for reading. What historic Old World towns have you been to? Which ones are in your bucket list? 



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  1. I like your photos. The architecture of the buildings look really pretty. It it not really a place I have considered before but I wouldn’t mind seeing it for myself now.

    1. Thank you Hellen. It looks much better in person. Beautiful place, beautiful culture, gorgeous scenery and white beaches.

  2. Zanzibar sounds really cool. I visited Tanzania last year but I only stayed for three days. If I had had more time I would have loved to see Zanzibar.

  3. What I like the most about this article are the pictures. Sometimes it’s better to see real pictures, no photoshop, no bells and whistles; it makes the overall experience more authentic. Thank you for sharing.

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