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April 8, 2017

This 2017 is swishing past really fast, faster than blog posts can be churned. In all the mayhem and bustles of work and life, here are 5 things that  I am really  into at the moment. 

Nivea Creme In A Tub

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This cream is life! Especially if you get dry and ashy during the day. It comes in a compact sleek tub that fits in the tiniest of purses. Add some glycerine into it or some baby powder if you feel it is too oily for you. The results are best when applied  on “pre-dampened” skin. It also works perfectly as a lipbalm of sorts for the night.

Candles& Meditation

I have been hoarding candles for years and I just realized that lighting a few before bed as you meditate and breathe is an amazing ritual.When your days are filled with lots of pressure from work, a few candles definitely take off that pressure.
ABC Juice

This juice is the ultimate apple,beetroot, carrot mash up. It tastes like anything that has beetroot in it, an acquired taste. Why does beetroot have a superb color and a funny taste? If you have constipation, this juice is bomb for that!

2 Pitchers Water A Day

One pitcher in the morning before leavimg the house for the day, one in the evening. Water in this copious quantities will wash away all your problems; headaches, fatigue, uneven skin tone, dry skin and much more.

A Few Pages A Book A Day

If you did not grow up reading but you feel books and book clubs calling you, it’s never too late. Target 1 book a month which translates to a few pages a day. It is month four and I am on my second book, not bad. 

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  1. I’m just getting back into reading again. It’s been enjoyable just to sit back, relax and read. Glad it’s back in my daily routine!

  2. Ah, the good ol’ Nivea cream. I always have one at home and use it for everything – nose, dry lips, elbows, hands, etc.

    I love the scent of it too! They also do a really good shower gel that has the classic nivea scent, so if you like the scent too, do give it a go! 🙂

    1. Do you spsce your 2 liters all through the day? I find it hard to drink water after I leave home. I do a pitcher in the morning another in the evening.

  3. Nivea creme tub is nostalgic, I have been seeing this for years now. Carrot juice doesn’t work for me. Pitcher of water? that’s what i never fail to do!

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