April 7, 2017
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I have been off my workout routine for quite a while now, which reminds me that I have a muscle shake powder I bought last year. I opened it, used it once and I do not know where I put it or why I  put it away. Enough of the rant, I noticed my booty needs werrrk! Like a lot of werk. Which is why I went on the prowl for booty shaping, blasting, toning and building techniques. Also, I may have gone avocado shopping-the myth, anyone? I don’t think squats work for me (code word for- why they gotta be so hard to do? ) and lunges wake up the pain in my knee that only shows up only when I lunge, or run.




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Here’s a few  videos that show you how to get that behind that moves mountains:

  This 7 minute no squat at home workout …….

   Side booty workout  yes side booty is a thing, also squating and lunging happen here for like 5 minutes.

   and if you can get through Abby’s speech she shows amazing deadlifts and bridge variations  from 5:28

   also squats are like must -do, here’s how to squat just right ( I love Brittne Babe)

Image Credits: Google images

So ergo, work your way to a perkier booty!

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  1. I actually just did that you tube exercise 😂😂.
    If you want perfect ones join Zumba, I do the prestige plaza one and the twerking that we do is a looot! That sorts out the behind 😉😉

  2. I’m going to try the ones in the video you shared. Thanks so much; at a time, I thought squat wouldn’t work for me because I was really working out hard (Day 1- 50 squats, Day 2 – 75 squats, Day 3- 100 squats to 30 days – 500 squats) yet no difference. I couldn’t proceed to the 30th day (500 squats) I almost died =D…I had to stop the 2nd week as I noticed no difference. Thanks for reviving my spirit now; I’ll try these….hopefully it works out =D. Thank you again :*
    I’ll be following your blog :*

  3. Is all about the booty baby!
    I’m keeping this in my favorites btw! ahaha I do workout but squats is something I try to vary and to be honest, I should do it more often 🙂

  4. I hate squats. Going to give the workouts in your links a try and see 🙂 The side lifts are much better. I dont hate those with a vengeance like I do squats 😀

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