April 3, 2017

This black and white IKEA rug seen in one of my past makeovers here is an iconic rug, one that is evidently loved by many design enthusiasts all over the world. A little birdie may have told me the rug is or was available in some select Supermarkets but i have never seen it myself. In case you love the pattern and texture of it but are wondering just how will it fit in your theme, here’s a few pictures for inspiration.

Eclectic Approach

Photo Credits: Lifestyle 360 via Dassa by Design

In this room I threw in the rug to add an element of surprise to the already eclectic space. Remember in design, when in doubt, add a white. White is bedfellows with everything.

Mark Territories


Photo Credits: www.livingandkitchen.com/

In this space, the rug has been used to create a boundary in this open floor plan. It adds an element of drama to the otherwise feminine contemporary space.

Dine In Black &White

Photo Credits: Google Images

Why stop at the living room, this uber versatile rug brings a white dining room to life with it’s geometric bold print. I would hate to clean this room though, food spills anyone?

Bedroom Basics

Photo Credits: http://hative.com/

This is not the most cushy of rugs but we can’t really get over how cute it looks in this bedroom. The rug blends in with the pastel wall colors and oak furniture.

Here are other ways to use the world acclaimed best IKEA rug.

Photo Credits: Google Images

Hang it on a colorful wall. The geometric pattern passes off as interesting art in this perspective.

Photo Credits: Google Images

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