March 29, 2017

“Then you will travel, and the decor will move you” -Itch, 2017.

Everytime I travel. I marvel at the architecture, interior design and decor of my destination. I will take snaps at a cute building or chair or table before.  The natural surroundings and people and culture move me but not as much as the furniture and the ambiance.

So in Diani, our villa had amazing furniture. Read about our trip . I am not into rustic furniture  but this was really cool furniture and it fit the location. The tiling in this floor was not my favorite but hey we lived through it.


The living room had a feel of  a beach house by the Hamptons. The white and blue had a nautical vibe and the hurricane lamps were the freshest thing I have seen this year.

This bed was not my favorite at all. I may have blacked out on it after the night out we had at Shakatak.


Thank you for stopping by. Which are your favorite  coastal towns?

Love & Light,


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