March 29, 2017

Redoing a home is much harder than it looks in magazines.  It’s all fun and games while on pinterest and houzz apps until you walk into an actual shop and you can’t find what you were looking for. Or they have it in a different size and color from the size you had wanted.

We did a fun living room collage inspiration a while ago. Lost it in our other blog but we are building up on the articles bit by bit.

What would you do with a white couch? Here’s what we would do:

  1. Find the perfect splashed out multicolor rug. The effect on this rug takes away focus from the big white couch. 
  2. The silver round table will anchor the space.
  3. I love to pull colors from other pieces when designing which is why i went for a blue accent chair. Also blue is life! 
  4. The lamp in a fun shade of parrot green adds more drama to the theme. 
  5. Finally duplicate word art in gold for some understated drama.

Do you love this look? What would you do with a white couch?



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