So some time last year I did a major makeover. I had set just about 1 month to do the entire house. I will be sharing the room by room makeover. I like to think of my space as my showroom because in my day job I am a furniture and interior designer. You can check out our company’s  website also our custom made furniture Facebook page. You can also book a professional interior design consultation in the comments section . All furniture and styling is by Dassa by Design hence the watermarked pictures. Here’s a few shots from the makeover:



I had always been a gray kinda girl. From the gray PVC floors to the corvette gray walls in silk paint to the charcoal gray rug and a gray couch. I never tire of gray.


This time I  however decided to delve a little into softer shades of beige and greige with pops of turquoise and yellows. I love blue so much- turquoise and aqua. I think they make the world so beautiful.

I repainted the entire house by myself for 3 weeks. Every night after work for 3 weeks i would paint away.

Then added a new credenza for a TV cabinet. We painted it blue and a shade of walnut for the drawers.

I had the huge art made by a friend. I needed to fill that space and hide wires going to the electric sockets.

This white chair, I love looking at this chair! It takes up zero space and almost is barely there. Almost like a lucite chair but not quite.

I re-upholstered my 4 year old couch that I love so much so that i want to spend the next 20 years on it.


Finally I styled the room, pillows on the couch that I move around the house from time to time. Sometimes they go on the bed for decoration then they move back to the couch.

Also  I had previously redone the floors with pergo laminates. The black and white IKEA rug anchors the room.

I am not into coffee tables so an ottoman and an end table with an afro painting of a woman does it for me.

The art behind the sofa is a piece I love and I have gone around 2 continents with. We also made the tall floor lamp and DIY’d the lampshade.

Do you love redecorating, what’s your latest project? Are you having any difficulties?




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