March 24, 2017
Diani Reef Beach Hotel Photo Credits: Google Image
I attended a destination wedding at the South Coast recently well in October 2016. It was my first time to ever be at the Kenyan Coast so I was excited like ten monkeys high on bananas! I got backpacking to go watch my friend get married and see what the Coast had for me.
It was a long bus ride, longest ride I have done in ages so next time I am on that plane like a pilot! Everything was surreal from the ferry, the white sandy beaches and the villas nested behind rows of thickets and trees.
Diani stole my heart!
Photo Credits: Google images
 For the trip I packed light. Aside from my wedding outfit  and toiletries I had a few beach shorts, sunglasses, light cotton clothing, a cap and a throw. I also brought along a tub of Shea butter for the extra glow. There is no point being on the beach with ashy skin. You can find packing lists online to help you pack especially if you are bringing along family members and small babies (or if you have never been to the beach).
We stayed at a villa that my friends had previously booked online. Booking a villa as a group is the best decision for any traveller. The costs come down and you do not  have the same restrictions as you would in a hotel The villa was a 2 minute walk to the beach and it came with a pool, 6 bedrooms and pure awesomeness.
Vacation Villas are bomb! The wedding reception was at Diani Reef Beach Hotel. It was an evening reception and the ambiance at night is beyond magical. The wedding kept us busy but we got a few hours to go to the beach and drive around Diani town.

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