March 24, 2017
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Quizzes are fun. Yes we like it when our brains are getting fried. The venue doesn’t matter as much as the adrenalin rush you get. It could be a pub quiz, church quiz, at home quiz, what matters is the whit or discovery of lack of whit. So together with le squad, we did a totally different quiz night the other week. It was at a quiet restaurant on Valley Road. Slims restaurant opposite Citam church. Please eat something before you go to this place- thank us later. Or just go break the bank, no point breaking the bank when your brain cells are about to be fried.The food is great but unless you arrive early, there is just no time to eat it.
Photo Credits: Google Images

It started at around 7.45 PM, not much of a crowd. Quiet intimate gathering. We had 8 teams in total. Each team had 6 members. Entry was 300/= bob.  They had 2 rounds of quizzes. You know how you walk in feeling smart and ready to rule the world with your smartassness? Well sadly, quiz night humbles you. It really does guys.

The highlights of this quiz night was entertainment section where they played 20 second movie clips and you give the name of the movie and at least 2 lead actors. For music it was 5 second tune and you give the artist and song title.We were done by 10.30 PM. We had fun overall (code word for we did not score 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th,5th or 6th position).  In our defence, there was no sports or mathematics which are our forté.
The other quiz night by MNE  is much more packed in a good way ( joy in numbers) It also is more hyped than the one at Slims. Also it has prize money! There is yet another quiz night this week, tomorrow night 7/3/2017 by MNE and le squad is already woke and revising their trivia.  50,000/= bob to be won folks, 50gees!

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