March 24, 2017
Remember this post here one of the new habits to pick was to do something new and fun every month. Quiz night is a great way to unwind with friends in the middle of a work week evening and exercise your brain while at it.
Photo Credits: Mwanaume Ni Effort Facebook Page
This particular one was by Mwanaume Ni Effort held at Budhaa Bar in  Westlands on 7th February. Check out their Facebook for future events. You can walk in with a pack of friends and form a team. 8 people make a team. Alternatively, waltz in alone and make new friends as you form a team of 8. We went with the latter. The quiz was in several categories and all were intense. The night was terrific, our team did not win though. The winning team walked away with 20,000/= the runner’s up walked away with 10,000/=
To attend a quiz night you have to be A1 with your general knowledge and all other areas like sports, foreign affairs, maths, music and entertainment. Have you attended a quiz night before? What was your experience like?

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    1. Yes it is. Work and adulthood can turn close friends into distant strangers, finding activities to connect is important.

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