March 24, 2017
Image Credits: Crow Media Africa
Movie premiers, never been to any until about 25.02.2017.  It was an awesome experience. The Kenyan movie Get Some Money was showing at Imax Cinemas at Garden City Mall. We were late, because we are always perennially late for everything but which creative person isn’t? It has been proven scientifically here. Which means we missed the red carpet experience. Thank goodness for selfies and phone cameras, saving lives since 2000. You can check out the really nice professional pictures of the event (which we are missing in) at Crow Media Africa’s Facebook page over here.
Image Credits: Crow Media Africa
The movie was awesome, a great localized rendition of the story of Judas. We loved the night scenes and the daylight sets of life in Jesus’ time, which we learnt were shot in Kajiado. At the end of the premier, there was a vote of thanks session with an introduction of the production crew and the cast. Perfect Saturday evening that was.
Crow Media Africa are soon releasing the movie on DVD, be on the look out for that.

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