March 24, 2017
Photo Credits: Google Images
Galentines’ Day anyone? If you have watched Parks and Rec, that is how this holiday was born. Forget Valentine’s Day. Your gals have been with you for far much longer. Through break ups, birthdays, weddings, showers, births, bad decisions, career and several other phases of life. This right here is the true definition of love. Unless you met your bff and squad on the same day you met  bae or after you met bae (which would be very weird by the way) your girlfriends are here to stay. Girlfriends are sisters that you choose to have. What more special way than to have a celebration with the phenomenal women in your life?
Last minute plans for Galentine’s Day (Applies especially so if none of you have a date on Valentine’s or a day before Valentine’s if part of the squad have dates for Cupid’s day):
  1. Text your girls  up
  2. Agree on a meet-up location 
  3. Make reservations if you are meeting up at a restaurant, spa, winery, etc
  4. Go through your work day
  5. Meet up time…..
  6. Eat, wine, talk, laugh, dance through your life stories
Ode to Girl Power! I will have my Galentine’s Day a day later with my friend and post about our adventures later . Happy Galentine’s Day to all true girlfriends out there.

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