March 24, 2017
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Finding a workout or a series of workouts that you love is no easy task. It is never to late to start an exercise program. You should find an exercise program that works with your body and stick to it. It could be yoga (check out a yoga post here ) , spinning, cardio, dancing, running, jogging, cycling or wrestling _ when you find it; stick to it, milk all the variations dry and watch your body transform into something marvelous.
Working out is not only for the vain at heart. Exercise not only makes you feel great, it promotes general well being, stabilizes your moods, keeps your metabolism revving, helps you rest and sleep better, increases libido and eventually, end goal- keeps you healthy!
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There are several exercise tutorials on you tube and on sites like Facebook. We particularly love Brittne Babe’s videos, you can check out her Facebook videos or her fitness website. Other easy at home workouts we love are by Afro Girl Fitness, they do short insta videos on their  Instagram
You cannot workout one body part only, alternate or combine your abs with your back, legs, shoulders and chest. I love to train in the morning even though I have less energy in the morning as compared to in the evenings. However my evenings are random and unpredictable. You should train your abs at least 3 times a day for 30-45 minutes after warming up. The more you train them, the more addictive it gets and the more sculpt and definition you achieve.
Always combine your workout with a great diet: lots of lean roteins, veggies, less carbs and fats.If you want to see results quickly you will have to eat smaller portions throughout the day as opposed to heavy portions 3 times a day. Snack on more fruit, dark chocolate or blanched veggies. Give in to the crave once in a while, a slice of cake doesn’t anyone.

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