March 23, 2017
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They say we are all malleable and adaptable to change and it only takes 21 days to form a new habit. Habits are hard to change. Adapting to change is hard but if you make it through the rough patch you are sure you can never go back. Here are some habits to have on board for this wonderful year.
Adopt A Plant
Get a plant, an indoor or an outdoor plant. Keep it alive, you know what they say about humans who cannot keep anything alive. Plants bring the outdoor indoors, literally. That they clean the air we breathe is extra perks.
Selective Fasting
Pick one food item to drop from the list of terrible things you like to eat. It could be ice cream, cookies, french fries, wheat. After the first 21 days, pick the second item to drop for the next 21 days. You can either go back to your previously dropped foods or drop them for good. You can go on a no wheat challenge- no pasta, bread, cake, chapatti, Paul’s Cookieman’s cookies ( I have been buying cookies here since high school. This is like the Mac Donald of Nairobi cookies)
We are not just born to pay bills and die, get out of your normal routine and have some adventure. Purpose to treat yourself to something different every month. Put adventure on your bills for the month. Go wine tasting, cheese tasting, take a class, ride horses, slide on a pole, ride a plane….Live!
Bed time regimen
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Beautiful women prepare for bedtime because ‘I woke up like this’ only happens if you do certain things before bed. Cleanse, face, tone and on some days mask. If a deep bath or a quick shower is what you need to relax, do it. Strip your make-up, pop your vitamins, drink your concoctions (purple tea, detox tea, wine anyone?)
Make a habit of going through your memories:  photos, mementos, journals, diaries. Seeing how far you have come helps you be more grateful for what you have now.
Water Water Water
Then a wise woman said, water is life! Water keeps you supple, alert, keeps away the headaches ( who else gets these?). Drown your soul in tonnes of water! Aim for at least 1 liter before 8 a.m and you are good to go!
Wax It
Because shavers and razors are so cliché. Get your waxing appointment set up. If your legs grow hair like the Amazon, slap some wax on them and strip away.
A Book A Day
Well not literally, but reading a few pages daily takes you to a different world. I  am currently reading a love and murder story by Siri Hustvedt. It is my first book of this year – also I may have named my daughter Sirri so it’s like me and the writer are fam bam.
Green Smoothies

Never done it, definitely on my list of habits. A few years ago moringa powder in smoothies, was the rage. I caught on to the chia seeds anthem. You can try adding seeds or super powders like acai berry, goji berry, baobab and moringa to your green smoothies for that extra punch!
Detox Teas
(INSERT CHANT) – Purple tea, purple tea, purple tea! This is my current fave. Have I drank it religiously to see the effects? Not yet, which is why it makes it to this list. You can try all other teas.
Wine A Day
The women of France swear by a glass of wine a day, cardiologists say it is great for your heart also anti-aging.  Red wine is what we are talking here, keep it at one glass for a daily habit, Since I do not own a winery, I will be on a 3 times a week wine plan.
Rest More
When you have to blog about resting more at 12.35 PM, we have a problem. I  thought all that mattered was that you get enough rest, 7-8 hours and sleep time was inconsequential. Alas!- If you are not going to bed before 10 p.m, you are doing yourself a huge disservice. Limit uour late nights.
Save Save Save!
I went for one of those interviews where an organization feels the need to prod into your financial statements. Wake up call, more money needs to be made, and saved!
Thank you for reading. What habits are you taking up or dropping this year? Share with us.

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