March 22, 2017

Zanzibar has amazing food. People forget everything else but the food will stay with them. As we were loitering around Stonetown we bumped into Forodhani. An open space that overlooks the ocean and has tonnes of street food. I thought Zanzibar’s staple dish would be Pilau…Nay! There were several food vendors with a lot of bitings to sample from.

This vendor’s “Happiness Table” had grilled lobster, shrimp,crab, octopus, chicken and then tikkas of the same. Served with chapatti and naans.

Our plates- street food rocks. Also I was having lobster and shrimp for the first time.Other than calamari, I am not big on seafood.

 Beach life.

Then sugar cane juice, I never got to taste it though.

Then this table above happened. This table was heaven! It was where we were served Zanzibari staple food. It’s a dish called urojo. A mix of everything; viazi, boiled egg, cassava crackles, bhajia which is then drowned in as spicy cream like gravy. The gravy, I honestly don’t remember what they called it but it had a tartness to it.

There was also spiced tea for tea lovers.

The sun was setting right about the same time we got here, picture perfect is an understatement.

So much food to go around. The view of the beautiful boats were docking for the night was awesome.

That’s about it for Zanzibari street food. Thank you for reading. Keep reading for more adventures in the Island of Ungunja.

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